Organization for the Would-Be Trainwreck

Organization and communication skills can be the make or break point between a remote worker or freelancer who succeeds and one who does not. We live in a time where there are free, yes FREE apps for organization and task completion that do more than that calculator you had to spend $100 bucks on for Pre-Calculus class. It’s mind-numbing. You can most definitely go that route with your organization, but today I am here to preach my favorite method. The “Bullet Journal” created by web designer Ryder Carroll.

Exhibit A.

Ryder Carroll created the Bullett Journal to help him organize his life and work, and increase productivity after overcoming childhood learning disabilities. One of the great things about the system is the fact that it works with any notebook. My personal preference is a square rules moleskin, but it’s really up to the user and what functions best for them. Ryder Carroll has since developed his system further, as can anyone. I like to use the system as a base point in my organization and then I can personalize for me needs as I go. For further reading check out this article on Carroll and the Bullet Journal from Fast Company.

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