New Orleans Jan. 2016

New Orleans 1/28-1/31 2016

In another episode of coding from exotic lands. I am writing this from New Orleans, Louisiana. New Orleans is one of my favorite cities of all time. It’s hard to explain. There’s something in the air besides the usually uncalled for levels of heat and humidity. Something old and spooky and enthralling and enchanting. Just the weight of the history of the city alone is enough to make the air thicker in places.

I’m in love, needless to say. The ability to work remotely gives me the ability to do work I love in places I love. I think the idea that one’s life really does boil down to the experiences and the people is true. If you want to really learn a lot and become more compassionate and interesting, travel and meet new people.

This week while in NOLA I’ll be working on a website for a recording studio and a band, both based in Nashville, TN. When I am not coding and designing I can be found at one of these locations:

Atchafalaya– Restaurant in the Garden District – Amazeballs brunch… Need I say more?
Cure – My favorite bar of all time, period. Dark, moody, great patio, killer bartenders, and the drinks are superb.
Desire – A restaurant with classic New Orleans cuisine such as jambalaya, gumbo, and po-boys that’s right on the Bourbon St. strip, which is risky in the ways of over-hyped tourist haunts that under-impress, but the food here is great and bread pudding is excellent (like somebody sold their soul at some point for the recipe excellent) and I don’t even like bread pudding.  It’s just that good.

Peaches Records – I’ve lived in Nashville, TN, THE Music City, for over 7 years, and not a single record store there holds a candle to Peaches. Love the selection, love the people there.

It’s also just about Mardi Gras time, so there will be some parading and of course trips down to Frenchman St. It’s no wonder that the likes of William Falkner and Tennessee Williams used to come to New Orleans to write and get in touch with their creativity. It’s impossible not to find inspiration here.   The vibrance of the city is contagious.   I’ll be here until Sunday, but if you haven’t been, come down here and see what all the hype is about and make sure you visit the locations above. If you have been down to NOLA you know what I’m talking about, you are likely missing it and hating me just a little bit. I feel for you, and will eat a beignet in your honor. A hot one. With a towering pile of powdered sugar and some coffee with chicory.

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